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Beaver called Chopper and Hope Sawyer Buyukmihci, October 1974

Beaver called Chopper and co-founder Hope Sawyer Buyukmihci, October 1974; Chopper was nine months old; photo by Bee Simpson from Pasadena, California; we no longer approve of feeding or handling wildlife in this manner because of the dangers to them through familiarization with people

beaver_by_hope_sawyer_buyukmihci_UWR_1987_01.jpg beaver_by_hope_sawyer_buyukmihci_UWR_fall_1966_01.jpg beaver_called_chopper_and_hope_sawyer_buyukmihci_by_bee_simpson_1974_10_01.jpg beaver_called_chopper_and_hope_sawyer_buyukmihci_UWR_1975_01.jpg beaver_called_chopper_and_jim_sexauer_1974_01.jpg