Subject: Urgent appeal about NJ leghold trapping
From: Nedim C Buyukmihci <>
Date: 24 Oct 2015
To: New Jersey Refuge supporters

Unexpected Wildlife Refuge heading

As a New Jersey resident, you may be aware that the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife is trying to circumvent the 1984 ban on all leg-hold traps by introducing a rule that would allow for the use of certain 'new traps' that they wrongly believe are not covered by the ban. The 'new traps', however, are exactly the same in principle as the types of traps banned in 1984.

We and wildlife in New Jersey need your help in preventing this rule from being implemented. Senator Raymond J. Lesniak has submitted SCR175 to this effect. We urge you to go to his Web site and sign the petition:

In addition, write to your representatives and tell them that you do not want any kind of leg-hold trap in New Jersey. Tell them that all these traps cause immense suffering for trapped individuals, are not selective and must never be allowed again. Then write to others, including your mayor, newspapers and Governor Chris Christie.

I thank you for your support of wildlife and efforts to ensure their protection.

Nedim Buyukmihci, V.M.D.
Vice President and Secretary
Interim Director
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