Privacy Policy

Unexpected Wildlife Refuge respects the privacy of our supporters. There are two ways we might use information we gather about you. The primary way is through direct communication with you: 1) providing you information about the Refuge through newsletters, 2) sending you alerts about issues that might benefit from your input, and 3) appealing to you directly (via E-mail or paper mail) for donations. We never use telemarketing as a means of contacting you.

Another way we might utilize this information, although we have not done this to date, is to trade it (name and address only) with other similar groups in order to increase the effectiveness of our fundraising efforts. We have a strict policy, however, to never release someone's contact information if the person has requested that we not do so. Such people have their records marked 'private' and no release of information is allowed.

If you are on our mailing list and would like to not have your contact information shared with other groups, simply E-mail us and give us enough information to identify you in our records, and we will honor this request. It is likely that your record is already marked 'private' as this is the default. The best E-mail address to use is

If you are using our online store or donation or order forms, you can indicate your wish for privacy in the comment section or write this request near your name if you are printing the form. Furthermore, if you would rather not be on our mailing list, just notify us when you make the donation or place the order. We would prefer, however, to keep your information on file in case we ever need to contact you.