Beavers at the Refuge, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Access into the Refuge after snow, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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American bullfrog in main pond, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Bald-faced hornet, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Baltimore oriole, photo by Leor Veleanu
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Beavers near their lodge, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Buttonbush, photo by Sage Russell
7/ 10
Canada goose in flight, photo by Richard Rosenberg
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Cicada, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Cinnabar chanterelle fungus, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Crayfish, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo

Unexpected Wildlife Refuge is a protected natural habitat comprising 767 acres of pristine pine lands, forest, fields and bogs. It provides a refuge to animals and plants indigenous to southern New Jersey; a place where wildlife can live freely and naturally without fear of being harmed at the hands of human beings. We began as the home of Hope Sawyer Buyukmihci and Cavit Buyukmihci, who dedicated their land to habitat preservation so that native wildlife and habitat could thrive. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity, federal ID 23-7025010.
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Working with Others to Help Wildlife

The Refuge works closely with other groups in order to increase its effectiveness in protecting habitat and wildlife. Although most of our collaboration is with local and regional groups, we recognize that these issues are of worldwide importance and lend our help to campaigns that involve other countries or continents.

Animal Protection League of New Jersey

Animal Protection League of New Jersey logo

They work "toward the elimination of institutionalized and legalized exploitation and abuse of" non-human animals. They "aim to create a culture of respect for the animals with whom we share this planet." We agree with their philosophy, join in their letter-writing and legislative campaigns.

Asia for Animals Coalition

Asia for Animals Coalition logo

We are part of this Coalition which deals with animal welfare issues involving all species, not just wildlife. Coalition members regularly give their support to appeal letters asking various entities to discontinue inhumane practices, such as keeping wildlife in captivity in zoos. They are also a resource of advice or other information for coalition members involved in their own campaigns.

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge logo

Their mission is "the preservation of New Jersey's wildlife and habitats through education, conservation and rehabilitation." Because we are not involved in rehabilitation, we direct people to Cedar Run when appropriate and link two of their relevant documents here: