Beavers at the Refuge, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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White-tailed deer, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Oyster mushrooms, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Ruffed grouse drumming, photo by Ed Abbott
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White-breasted nuthatch, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Kerria, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Red-spotted purple butterfly, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Swamp loosestrife, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Rough green snake, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Ring-necked ducks, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
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Great egret, photo by Leor Veleanu

Unexpected Wildlife Refuge is a protected natural habitat comprising 767 acres of pristine pine lands, forest, fields and bogs. It provides a refuge to animals and plants indigenous to southern New Jersey; a place where wildlife can live freely and naturally without fear of being harmed at the hands of human beings. We began as the home of Hope Sawyer Buyukmihci and Cavit Buyukmihci, who dedicated their land to habitat preservation so that native wildlife and habitat could thrive. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity, federal ID 23-7025010.
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If you find sick or injured wildlife...

Unexpected Wildlife Refuge is not involved in wildlife rehabilitation. Instead, please go to this link to find a licensed rehabilitator to help you:

How to Contact Unexpected Wildlife Refuge

Beaver eating a lily, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge photo
Beaver eating lily
Unexpected Wildlife Refuge, Inc.
P.O. Box 765
Newfield, New Jersey 08344-0765

Telephone: 856.697.3541

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Please fill out our online form and we shall place you on our mailing list (see our privacy policy; briefly: we will never share your information unless you explicitly tell us to)). If you have special services you are willing to provide to the Refuge, list these on this form and we may contact you when the need arises for those services.

Donations through the public, however, are what we depend on to keep the Refuge operating and protecting all the wildlife – animals and plants – residing there. We hope you will send a donation to help keep the Refuge running. You can donate via PayPal using the Donate link on the left or through our Help Us page, or you can send your name, postal address, E-mail address (important to provide, if you have one) and phone number (please indicate whether home, cell or work) along with your donation to our address above.