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If you find sick or injured wildlife…

Unexpected Wildlife Refuge is not involved in wildlife rehabilitation. Instead, please go to this link to find a licensed rehabilitator to help you: www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/rehablst.htm.

Unexpected Wildlife Refuge began as the home of Cavit and Hope Buyukmihci, who dedicated their land to habitat preservation so that native wildlife and habitat could thrive.

Today we are a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, supported entirely by private donations. The Council of Trustees (Board of Directors) continues to maintain it as an inviolate sanctuary for wildlife and supports the promotion of humane education. The 85 acres purchased by the Buyukmihcis in 1961 have grown to 767 acres of swamps, bogs, forests and lakes — an extensive habitat for species indigenous to the Southern New Jersey Pinelands region. The Refuge is the home to seven active beaver lodges located within Main Lake Branch, which flows through the Refuge. (Link to Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/Q6wJJ)

UWR has appointed a New Director

We are pleased to announce that we have found and hired a new Director for the Refuge. Her name is Veronica Van Hof. She holds a degree in wildlife biology and has been looking for a position in which she can use her education and experience to further the cause of wildlife through habitat protection, the primary mission of the Refuge. She begins in mid-November. We hope you will join us in welcoming and supporting her in this important endeavor.

Visitation by appointment only. Call ahead to 856.697.3541. Small groups. Dress appropriately in light colored clothes (for ease of spotting ticks), tuck pants into socks, hiking or mud boots. Guided tours are provided to groups of five, and each year about 200 visitors hike the ten miles of trails that wind through the Refuge property. Educational and reference materials are available to visitors at the Nature Center. Except for the trails, the land is left essentially undisturbed so that animals and plants can thrive based on habitat and food suitability dictated by nature. Bluebirds nest in the Refuge, some of whom winter over, feeding on cedar berries deep in the swamps.
Support Unexpected Wildlife Refuge

BeaversHelp228x177We need your help!

The Unexpected Wildlife Refuge is supported entirely by private donations from individuals who have visited us or read about the Refuge. The generosity of our supporters will allow us to continue to protect this special habitat and educate the public about its importance. Refuge expenses include local taxes, insurance premiums, truck repairs and insurance, and equipment maintenance. Please consider a small donation to our cause. You can do this on our Help UWR page, or contact UWR via E-mail, regular mail or telephone. We understand that people have to make choices between necessities and desires, and sometimes the organizations that depend on the good graces of supporters are eliminated from the household budget. Nevertheless, we hope you will consider the Refuge a priority; we need your support now more than ever. Any donation you can make will be placed into our general operating budget. We run this beautiful and unique 767 acre wildlife refuge on a minuscule annual budget of about $30,000. Compare that to other non-profit organizations, and you will realize how extremely frugal and careful we are with your contributions. We do not have bloated administrative salaries, retirement packages or healthcare options. Every penny you send goes directly into keeping this place safe and sound for the animals (and plants) who live here. Please make your tax deductible gift to Unexpected Wildlife Refuge and help us continue with our mission to preserve, protect and educate — we cannot do it without your help!